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Brendan Dutch

Compliance Counsel

Executive Office for Administration and Finance at Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Brendan Dutch is the Compliance Counsel for the Federal Funds Office at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance (“A&F”). In this role, he works with A&F stakeholders and state agencies to ensure spending on federal COVID-19 relief grants complies with Treasury regulations and OMB guidance on managing federal grants. Brendan also oversees the compliance team responsible for subrecipient monitoring and internal audit of COVID-19 federal grants. Prior to Brendan’s current role, he served as Chief of Staff and Legal Counsel in the offices of Senators Vinny deMacedo and Susan Moran. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Tulane University and his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Brendan, his wife, and daughter live in Milton, Massachusetts.