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Chayla White, Esq.

Director, Process Risk & Control


Chayla provides consultation services to a variety of public sector entities. She focuses primarily on process improvements and grant management for state and local government, as well as state agencies. In her current role, Chayla serves as a growth manager facilitating relationships with state agencies, elected officials, and staff members.

Prior to joining RSM, Chayla was a real estate practice associate. She has over ten years of experience in the public sector, initially serving as a legislative aide to a then-state representative in the Commonwealth. Chayla also held several positions in a major city’s administration within the state, known for its rich history and vibrant harbor. Her roles included leadership in an initiative promoting equity in new industries. In this role, she led the development and implementation of a program and fund to promote equity in a specific emerging sector, advising the mayor, city council, and senior administration officials on its implementation. She was responsible for budgeting, management, fund disbursement, and oversight of a program providing technical assistance related to this equity initiative.

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