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Edi Gold

Senior Manager/Director


Edi Gold designs transformational initiatives to optimize organizational performance and implement them with a focus on end-user adoption. She lead teams through the development of adoption and engagement interventions that get to the heart of the matter and answer "so what?" and "what's in it for me?" for impacted stakeholders. Edi is energized by opportunities to work cross-functionally across organizations to develop solutions that address your unique needs and challenges. She has 10+ years of experience with public sector and healthcare organizations under going significant digital transformations and change.

Professional and industry experience

  • Operating model and organizational design:
    • Structured a future-state operating model based on changes to a client’s technology infrastructure. Developed a shared understanding of how systems and processes would impact new roles and responsibilities and prepared workers to operate in their new environment with adoption tactics specific to their roles.
    • Evolved a pharmacy’s product organization by leading an organizational redesign effort to create clear ownership of E2E customer experiences, actively manage the entire product suite, promote code reusability, and eliminate operational barriers and dependencies. In this effort, led cross-functional leadership through a series of workshops to define the scope of change, form recommendations, determine the structure, and create and execute a change plan.
  • Technology adoption, training design, and delivery:
    • Trained front-line staff to use new technology-enabled eligibility system to administer state funded benefit programs. Coordinated with state policy groups to develop classroom and web training. Developed a just-in-time training program. Evaluated end-user adoption through readiness assessments.
    • Designed the future state of the client’s global e-learning site. Devised process solutions to improve user satisfaction, reduce errors, and improve the brand reputation.
  • Strategic change management:
    • Guided a product organization through a series of alignment meetings to prioritize the work driving the greatest business impact, seeing dramatic improvements in CSAT due to better prioritization of work that affects core customer experiences.
    • Coordinated efforts between state agencies, vendors, insurance carriers, and enrollment workers in building a health insurance marketplace. Developed program for a Call Center to train the new workforce on complex Affordable Care Act policy. Organized a Command Center to support go-live reporting and issue resolution.
    • Developed strategy and design of an onboarding program to enable front-line associates to adopt the desired culture of a new customer-centric business model.