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Mandi Stanley

Certified Speaking Professional: Write It So They Read It

With more than 27 years’ experience on the seminar circuit, Certified Speaking Professional Mandi Stanley works primarily with business and governmental leaders who want to boost their professional image by becoming better speakers and writers. She has customized leadership-level writing intensives for such clients as:

  • Nuclear Energy Institute
  • United States Air Force 
  • National Security Agency
  • NASA
  • Kimberly Clark’s World Headquarters
  • McDonald’s USA
  • Campbell’s Soup
  • National Football League (NFL)

Mandi served on the faculty of the American Management Association for five years. She is a regular presenter for the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers’ Emerging Leaders Conference. During the past year, she has presented several virtual classes for the Office of the Comptroller and the Department of Developmental Services of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In 2003, Mandi was designated a CSP, Certified Speaking Professional, becoming the first Mississippian to receive this designation through the National Speakers Association. She’s the award-winning business author of The No-Panic Plan for Presenters: An A-to-Z Checklist for Speaking Confidently and Compellingly Anywhere, Anytime. 

Audiences appreciate her platform enthusiasm, interactive style, and content-rich messages. She’s here today to help us get our written messages across with the results we want.