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Rachel Muench

Fraud Prevention & Voice Biometric Specialist


In her current role as a Fraud Prevention & Voice Biometric Specialist at Microsoft, Rachel leverages her knowledge of voice biometrics to create innovative solutions. These solutions not only simplify the lives of customers and employees, but also make it significantly more challenging for fraudsters to compromise security. Rachel’s primary focus centers around enhancing authentication and fraud prevention strategies across diverse sectors, including Financial Services, Retail, and Government. Her commitment to superior outcomes and fortified trust drives her work.

Rachel’s career has been marked by customer-centric excellence. Whether acting as the primary driver of opportunities as an Account Executive or specializing in intricate products as a solution specialist, she consistently delivers value. Her unique blend of sales expertise and change management skills extends to training and enablement, where she ensures that others benefit from her wealth of knowledge.

In her free time, Rachel loves cooking, traveling, hiking, skiing, exploring new wines, and walking around the neighborhood with her dog.

Learn more about Rachel on LinkedIn.

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