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Tyler Will

Data Analytics Senior Fraud Examiner

Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor

Tyler Will is a Data Analytics Senior Fraud Examiner in the Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor’s Bureau of Special Investigations, which investigates allegations of public benefits fraud. His role centers on data mining and visualization, optical character recognition, as well as collaborating with an array of public and private sector partners to evaluate evidence of public benefits fraud. In spring 2022, he delivered the Bureau’s first cryptocurrency records request.

Mr. Will holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of New Hampshire, where his research leveraged microeconometric methods to analyze incentives for individuals to apply for Social Security disability benefits. Before joining BSI in 2018, he supported web site and mobile phone app development as a data analyst and analytics implementation specialist in the ecommerce, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries. He is a member of the Boston Blockchain Association.